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Why the need for Premier Life?

  • Employees need help with their money, and employers are uniquely positioned to provide that help through financial wellness benefits.
  • Every day, employees of all kinds drag their financial baggage through the company’s front door, and that wreaks havoc on the bottom line in the form of turnover, absenteeism, lost productivity and delayed retirements.
  • No employer or company is immune to the effects of employee financial stress. It doesn’t matter the type of employee, industry or level of payroll. But there’s good news: It doesn’t have to be that way.
  • 84% of workers would like their employer to offer greater supports on their financial and tax affairs (Taxback.com taxpayer sentiment survey)
  • 85% of Irish workers believe that the additional benefits that a company provides (such as supports on health and wellbeing, financial advice supports etc.) are an important factor when choosing a potential employer (Taxback.com taxpayer sentiment survey)
  • Employee Safety and Wellbeing will remain paramount post - COVID as some workers may remain working remotely
  • Financial wellness benefits equip employees to attack their financial stress, which in turn helps the business.
  • How? By pulling the plug on those bottom-line killers—with a financially healthier workforce that shows up for work, gets more done, doesn’t job hop, and retires on time.
  • So, it’s not just smart for employees to have a financial wellness benefit—it makes business sense for their employers to offer one.
  • Financial wellness isn’t just a niche benefit. It should be an essential part of your employee benefits package.
  • We all learned a valuable lesson this past year as a result of the pandemic:
  • Employees need help—they need financial wellness.


Premier Life

There are many reasons you should choose Premier Life. One such reason is that over 80% of employees say that they could see real benefits from an employer roll-out of a financial education program. Premier Life provides users with a comprehensive financial wellness platform that is easy to use.

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How Does it Work?

Trying to manage personal finances can cause employees unnecessary stress and anxiety, Premier Life can reduce this stress and anxiety by educating and engaging with employees through our Financial Wellness Community. By using our easy to understand education modules and financial wellness community employees can learn to be both confident and competent when dealing with their finances throughout their lives.

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